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About DreamDrive Vacations

DreamDrive Vacations was founded by and is led by Steve Davies. Steve, an engineer by training and a successful technology entrepreneur, has long loved sports cars and has owned Porsches, a Ferrari, NSXs, and currently, a Lotus and a McLaren. Steve has endured years of engineer jokes and has somehow managed to develop a personality fuelled by a deep interest in cars, sailing and some of the finer things in life.


Steve is a proud Bluenoser (slang for someone from Nova Scotia), and combines his automotive and East Coast passions in DreamDrive Vacations. Steve has years of experience leading driving tours and is also an experienced track driver and instructor. 


DreamDrive Vacations is supported by additional experienced drivers and staff ensuring an enjoyable, luxurious and safe driving experience.

Steve Cabot Trail McLaren.jpeg

Founder, Steve Davies

Erin Horton, Director of Guest Expereince, DreamDrive Vacations

Erin is instrumental in planning the fun you will have when you are NOT driving.  As a hospitality industry professional and Sommelier, food and beverage is her forte.


Erin and life partner Steve enjoy driving vacations across Eastern Canada, the US and Europe. There is nothing she loves more than exploring the scenic views and quaint towns in the car, followed by a fabulous meal and a glass or two of wine. 


Erin looks forward to welcoming you to Nova Scotia and to sharing her wine experience and expertise with you.

Director of Guest Experience, Erin Horton

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