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  • How many cars and people are on each tour?
    Dream Drive Vacations operates small group tours with a maximum of 8 cars per tour with an average of 12-16 guests per tour. Our group sizes are small by design to ensure an intimate car community experience and to foster enjoyable group interaction.
  • Who typically participates in the tour?
    Dream Drive Vacations is focused on providing a luxury travel experience for those who appreciate engaging driving. While driving is a key component of our tours, it is much more than that. We stay at top notch hotels, dine at highly rated restaurants and experience local culture. The tour is not a boy’s car rally or a party trip. We encourage couples, friends, relatives to join us and enjoy all the tour offers.
  • How is driving conducted?
    The tours consist of up to 8 cars travelling in a loose convoy. There are lead and “sweeper” cars to provide route guidance both driven by experienced drivers. Additionally, a vehicle for excess luggage and safety/repair equipment joins us. Mobile phone enabled Google routes will be provided to each car. Each car will be provided with a 2-way radio to allow for navigational communication, places of interest and occasional witty repartee.
  • Do you offer vehicle transport?
    Dream Drive Vacations will be happy to arrange enclosed vehicle transport to Halifax and return. Please contact us for pricing.
  • Is there room for more luggage than my car can hold?
    We will be travelling with a van capable of providing additional luggage transport.
  • Must I have my own car or are rental cars available?
    At this time there are a small number of performance cars available for rent. We plan on increasing the number over time. Please contact us for more details.
  • What type of cars typically participate?
    The aim of the tour is to allow guests to enjoy open, windy roads travelling in a safe manner. As such we recommend guests join us with well maintained, performance oriented vehicles that they are well familiar with.
  • How do I inquire about or sign up for my Dream Drive Experience?
    To sign up for or inquire about a tour, head to the contact page where you will be able to contact us with your details and any questions you may have. From here you will be contacted by a member of Dream Drive Vacations who will be happy to assist you.
  • What are tour payment terms?
    A 30% deposit will be required to confirm your booking and your spot on the tour. Full tour payment is required 45 days prior to tour start. Note: Should a guest not be able to attend due to COVID 19 travel restrictions, their fees will be refunded.
  • Do I need travel insurance?
    We strongly recommend you have insurance to cover any medical / dental costs as well as for guest trip cancellation. Note: Should a guest not be able to attend due to COVID 19 travel restrictions, their fees will be refunded.
  • What if we don't have a whole week available, can only do part of the tour?"
    We may be able to arrange for a shorter tour. Please contact us to discuss.
  • Do you offer custom tours?
    We can certainly arrange tours with custom routes, timeframes and activities. Please contact us to discuss options. This works well for incentive or group tours.
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