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DAY 3 - Fundy Route

Day 3 - Fundy Route

Starting Location: Liverpool
Finish Location: Wolfville
Accommodation: 470 Main Street
Distance: 323 km (4 driving hours)

Drive through the centre of the province past Kejimkujik National Park towards the Bay of Fundy, on a sparsely populated road where it will be just you and your car. Dine at The Pines Resort near the town of Digby, known for its world famous scallops. Enjoy the transition to the orchards and open roads of the Annapolis Valley before stopping in the working fishing village of Halls Harbour. Drive on to Wolfville, a lively university town surrounded by some of the best vineyards in the province. Tour wineries and dine at the award winning Lightfoot & Wolfville winery before retiring for the evening at 470 Main, a modern, boutique hotel.

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